Ladies Night

For the past fourteen years I have been performing once a year for the lovely ladies of Porlock near Minehead in Somerset. Originally the plan involved tables and chairs filling the village hall floor, a cooked meal provided by the organisers then music, a draw and more music. 

It was soon evident that the ladies just wanted to get together, let their hair down and dance the night away. I got the impression they had never really seen an act like me before. I remember all the lovely comments that came back from that first night and in particular ‘Simon Rees let the genie out of Porlock’s bottle!’ 

Groups of ladies of all ages, jobs and backgrounds come to the event for a bit of good clean fun and dancing. The event has evolved somewhat into tables being placed around the outside of the Village Hall floor leaving most of the floor for dancing and everyone brings their own food and drink! They arrive at 7.30, we kick off at 8 and then don’t stop lol!

The motto is always ‘What goes on at the Porlock ladies night stays at the Porlock ladies night’. My brand of fun and entertainment suits the group and we have a great laugh.

Before the performance, Ros who organises the event provides me with a sumptuous feast which certainly gives me the energy I need for the rest of the evening.

Porlock Ladies Night Feast

When I did my first performance, I eased in with some nice songs, got to know the ladies a little, found out who they were, where they were from and what music the liked. I introduced some of my tricks with a few of the characters in the room at the time and then we partied the night away!

Now it’s basically Prosecco and Gin and straight down to the dancing lol! I ware them out a little first and then I can find out who’s new and have a little fun. It’s great because everyone gets into the spirit of the night and we all party together. 

For the last few years I have been singing a duet with one of the ladies, Chris, with this year being my favourite of our performance. She is a lovely singer and everyone seems to enjoy it.

Next year will be what we think is our fifteenth anniversary and we will be looking to make it a memorable one, maybe fancy dress who knows?! Having spoken to several of the ladies over the years, many say it is one of the highlights of the year and they always look forward to it. I have connected with a few over Facebook and met a couple now and again at other events which is nice. I do love performing there, great company, great sound and great fun!