Simon Rees New CD

April Media Plymouth

Hi everyone, well I’ve finally been in the recording studio to work on my new album. I travelled to Plymouth to record with John Carter of April Media Studios. John is great guy, really easy to get on with and makes you feel at ease in the studio. A cup of tea and a chat when you arrive then it’s down to business. I’ve got to say, I did work pretty hard, four hours non-stop each session, recording and re-recording. John was able to source good quality backing tracks if mine were lacking. Sometimes changing keys and rearranging tracks can downgrade the quality so this was really helpful. Sometimes I would be happy straight away with my work but for several tracks I enlisted the help of my lovely wife Nathalie to give her seal of approval and to offer advice on how to improve. She is used to hearing me sing and knows what I can do and her input has been invaluable in the process. I have gone back in the studio and been able to come away with significant improvements. The difficulties will come in the mixing and production. So many effects and ways you change how the tracks sound. Hopefully I will be able to come up with a smooth and natural sound.

As you may know I sing cover versions of popular songs. The songs I have chosen for this new album are a mixture of ones I enjoy singing and ones that I know are enjoyed by friends and family and have a certain meaning. ‘Wonderful World’ is one of my favourites and one I sang at my Gran’s  funeral. ‘That’s Amore’ was a song that I sang in Italy for Nathalie’s birthday and one that my mum likes too. George Ezra’s ‘Shotgun’ was a suggestion of Nathalie’s to learn for my gigs and has proved to be very successful so I have recorded that as well. ‘Simply The Best’ has strong meaning for many people I know and was a favourite of my Aunt and Uncle. I recorded a song called ‘I Stand Alone’ which was recommended to me by a big fan of Steve Perry from the band Journey. After hearing the song and practising it in my own style, I found that I really enjoyed singing it and people who have not heard the song before really seem to enjoy my version and appreciate the lyrics.

I enjoy singing a little in other languages and have recorded my own versions of ‘Save the Last Dance’ in French and ‘Despacito’ in Spanish. I just hope that I have done them some justice lol. I have only just started to blog and it will take some time to get the hang of it and the discipline to keep it up but I will do my best.

Recording Plymouth
April Media Plymouth
Studio Recording in Plymouth