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Very pleased that the new website is up and running. All the feedback so far has been very positive so a big thank you to Aladdin from FxWorx, Exeter for all his hard work and continued support. I am continuing to update the content and have added another 50 photos from various sources and three more videos to my gallery. Hopefully this content should give a good idea of the kind of things that I do and can do. My aim is always to try and create a fun atmosphere wherever I am appearing and enjoy the show with the rest of the audience. There have been some lovely reviews coming in and some people have kindly put up reviews on google as well which is great. If you are reading this and have not had a chance to give a review, I would be really grateful if you would please either pop over to Google or Facebook to leave one or leave a comment below if you would like.

I am currently preparing for two private events for next week and I have a couple of songs that I am learning especially for those performances, Something Stupid and Love Letters in the Sand. One event is a yearly event I have been doing for around ten years, the challenge being to keep the performance fresh, fun and amusing. The other is an Anniversary Party for a lovely couple who I have performed for in the past. A bit of travelling involved as I will be up to Porlock near Minehead for one of the events. Now I’m living in Torquay, all my hotel work is ten minutes away so going anywhere now is travelling! Off to Crewkerne on Saturday to perform for the lovely people of Crewkerne Conservative Club which should be great fun.

Alongside these I’m continuing to move forward with my new CD, the mixes are coming along nicely. It is a difficult process trying to find the right sound but I feel we have certainly hit on something, especially for the ballads and softer songs which is great. There are a couple of more poppy/rocky songs on the album too which will have a bit of a different sound but John from April Media Studios, Plymouth is working hard to find a sound I like. I forgot how difficult it was as I am so used to hearing myself live.

Recording Plymouth

Wedding Singer Article

Having worked in the wedding industry for around eighteen years, I have been fortunate enough to provide entertainment for weddings across the South West at some of the most prestigious venues. I have met some lovely couples, many of whom I have kept in touch with over the years. 

I have gained some valuable insight into what is required to be a successful Wedding Singer and wrote an artcle for the Real Brides website highlighting the kind of things that couples should be considering when booking their Wedding Entertainment.

Wedding Cornwall

The Wedding Singer

You will have had a lovely day, a special service and a wonderful wedding breakfast with your friends and family and the last thing you will want is for the day to fall flat at the last hurdle.

A good Wedding Singer can really make your wedding reception and help you finish off your perfect day in style.

Evening entertainment is often the last thing that couples think about when organising their wedding but it is also often the one thing that guests talk about weeks, months and years after the event so it is important to invest in quality.

There are many wedding singers advertising on the internet so it is important to spend a little time making your selection. Some will be tribute artists, some will be more classically trained and some will be party singers. You can often listen to audio or watch video clips, however it is definitely better to meet your wedding singer and if possible see them in action or perhaps speak to other couples who have used them in the past.

The Personal Touch

The first thing is to make you feel happy with your choice of entertainment and to get you feeling excited about the evening. No event is ever the same and it follows that no song sets will ever be the same so it is very important to discuss the evening in detail. You can select songs from your singer’s set list for them to sing on the night and they will integrate these with a few choice numbers of their own. It’s a lovely touch to choose special songs which mean something to your guests or songs which you can dedicate to members of your family. These special moments can also provide priceless photo opportunities.

Your First Dance

This is a very special and personal moment for many couples and so it is important to choose whether you would like your first dance performed live or whether you would like the original song played for you. With enough notice and depending on the song, it is often possible for your singer to learn your first dance and perform it for you live on the night.

Your Party

When you have the right singer you have a great deal of flexibility with your evening. They should be able to guide the evening, engaging with you and your guests, making the important announcements and helping you to create the party atmosphere that you are looking for.

It is often the case that many of your guests will not know each other and therefore it is very important to create opportunities for them to come together and celebrate. DJ’s and bands often rely upon guests entertaining themselves but your singer will often be an entertainer too, singing, dancing, chatting and generally having a laugh with your guests. They will often find creative ways to involve your guests and get the party going.

Many weddings also have a full age range of guests and a good wedding singer will find ways to include the younger members as well as the older ones, keeping everyone happy.

Singer & DJ Combination

Many singers work together with DJ’s which can be a perfect combination. The DJ brings the light show, your singer sets the scene, sings your songs, relaxes people, gets people dancing and helps to create a fun atmosphere and then the DJ can play Disco requests and continue the party.

Closing the night

The end of the night is just as important as the beginning and the skill is to ensure that the night does not fizzle out. Your wedding singer will often bring everyone together in a group for the last fifteen minutes so that you can celebrate the final few moments of your evening with everyone on the dance floor singing their hearts out and sending you off in style.

Many couples still opt for either a DJ or a band for their wedding entertainment; however for a really personal and memorable experience with plenty of fun and classic photo opportunities a wedding singer can definitely hit the spot.

Written by Simon Rees
Wedding Singer in Devon area

Simon Rees New Website

website design exeter - fx worx

Hello again! Well it is time for me to upgrade my website so I have enlisted the help of my friend Aladdin Gulec from FX Worx web design Exeter.

We have known each other for many years, having met originally whilst working together at the wedding venue Polhawn Fort in Cornwall and have been friends ever since. Aladdin was there as the Wedding Photographer FX Photography Exeter. He is a great character, very talented and a real entrepreneur. He succeeds at whatever he puts his energies into and I have no hesitation recommending him if you need help with your business.

We are changing the look and feel of the site to include more videos, news items, Facebook posts and a more user friendly look for your devices. Hopefully it will be easier for customers to interact with me and find the information they are looking for. We are looking at new options for the Song List, a simpler contact form, more up to date coding and better use of videos and links.

I am starting to get involved in blogging! and it will be much easier for me to update my website on the move. I am finding it easier to put videos on YouTube and link to YouTube which is great. It is very time consuming, writing and rewriting pages and seeking out new photos and videos for each page but hopefully it will give people an insight into how I work and what I can do for them. I am fortunate to have some wonderful reviews and references from the lovely people I have worked for and this motivates me to keep moving forward and be the best that I can be. It is certainly a special feeling to be a part of so many personal events and occasions and to be able to provide people with some priceless memories that will last forever.

Simon Rees New CD

April Media Plymouth

Hi everyone, well I’ve finally been in the recording studio to work on my new album. I travelled to Plymouth to record with John Carter of April Media Studios. John is great guy, really easy to get on with and makes you feel at ease in the studio. A cup of tea and a chat when you arrive then it’s down to business. I’ve got to say, I did work pretty hard, four hours non-stop each session, recording and re-recording. John was able to source good quality backing tracks if mine were lacking. Sometimes changing keys and rearranging tracks can downgrade the quality so this was really helpful. Sometimes I would be happy straight away with my work but for several tracks I enlisted the help of my lovely wife Nathalie to give her seal of approval and to offer advice on how to improve. She is used to hearing me sing and knows what I can do and her input has been invaluable in the process. I have gone back in the studio and been able to come away with significant improvements. The difficulties will come in the mixing and production. So many effects and ways you change how the tracks sound. Hopefully I will be able to come up with a smooth and natural sound.

As you may know I sing cover versions of popular songs. The songs I have chosen for this new album are a mixture of ones I enjoy singing and ones that I know are enjoyed by friends and family and have a certain meaning. ‘Wonderful World’ is one of my favourites and one I sang at my Gran’s  funeral. ‘That’s Amore’ was a song that I sang in Italy for Nathalie’s birthday and one that my mum likes too. George Ezra’s ‘Shotgun’ was a suggestion of Nathalie’s to learn for my gigs and has proved to be very successful so I have recorded that as well. ‘Simply The Best’ has strong meaning for many people I know and was a favourite of my Aunt and Uncle. I recorded a song called ‘I Stand Alone’ which was recommended to me by a big fan of Steve Perry from the band Journey. After hearing the song and practising it in my own style, I found that I really enjoyed singing it and people who have not heard the song before really seem to enjoy my version and appreciate the lyrics.

I enjoy singing a little in other languages and have recorded my own versions of ‘Save the Last Dance’ in French and ‘Despacito’ in Spanish. I just hope that I have done them some justice lol. I have only just started to blog and it will take some time to get the hang of it and the discipline to keep it up but I will do my best.

Recording Plymouth
April Media Plymouth
Studio Recording in Plymouth